Eric Entzel's Portfolio

I am a software developer residing in the Denver, CO area. I currently work mostly on backend APIs and services supporting high-traffic websites, and the tooling necessary to operate them in the cloud. Over the years I've also done web UI work, ETL/data processing, data visualization, build/deploy tooling, and more.

(show screenshot) is the largest real estate website in Australia. I worked with a small team to focus on improving the map search user experience of, the no-frills version of the site. Through careful attention to corner cases and a relentless focus on perfomance, we were able to go from a confusing & frustrating UX to one I'm quite proud of.


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EventBot is a personal project that allows users to create Google Calendar events by sending an email to their own personal EventBot address. Written in Python & deployed on Google App Engine. I've learned a lot about scalability by using the loosely-coupled architecture that App Engine encourages. I've also used EventBot as an opportunity to hone my skills at zero-friction testing and deployment.

De Telefoongids

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Directory site for the largest Internet Yellow Pages company in the Netherlands, with over 6.9 million monthly unique visitors. With colleagues at Local Matters, I implemented cross-browser UI for everything from basic pages to interactive Javascript maps. I also worked closely with the operations team to debug and resolve production issues, and took the lead in implementing performance improvements, including request optimization and Varnish caching, to greatly reduce hardware requirements and speed up the site for end users.